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    Product Detail:

    Product Parameters:

    Working height maximum:9.8m
    A Platform height maximum:7.8m
    B Platform height - stowed:1.16m
    C Platform length - outside:2.26m
    Slide-out platform extension deck:0.96m
    D Platform width - outside:1.15m
    Toeboard height:0.15m
    E Height - stowed:2.26m
    rails lowered:1.68m
    F Length - stowed:2.41m
    platform extended:3.33m
    G Width:1.17m
    H Wheelbase:1.85m
    I Ground clearance - center:0.1
    Maximum platform occupancy:2 person
    Lift capacity:454kg
    Extension deck capacity:136kg
    Drive speed - stowed:3.5km/h
    Drive speed - raised:0.8km/h
    Gradeability - uphill stowed:30%
    Turning radius - outside:2.29m
    Raise/lower speed:30/38 second
    Non-marking tires - rough terrain: 38 x 13 x 28cm
    Power source:48V DC (Four 6V batteries,225 Ah capacity)
    Hydraulic system capacity:17L


    ● Zero-emission electric operation
    ● Front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius
    ● 39 in (1 m) roll-out platform extension on GS-2646
    ● Folding rails with full-height swing gate
    ● Universal 20 amp smart charger
    ● Proportional controls for lift and drive functions
    ● Multiple disc brakes provide smooth deceleration
    ● On-board diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
    ● Emergency stop at both platform and ground controls
    ● Solid, non-marking tires
    ● Manual platform lowering valve
    ● Tilt sensor with an audible alarm

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